Conscious Delivery for the Enviorment and Society

Koiki was created to change the rules around home delivery. The growth of online purchasing and deliveries has been growing for the past decade. With this rapid growth also came an increase in traffic and pollution, harming our environment; which is where Koiki comes in.


Koiki’s main objective is to minimize C02 and pollution caused bye commerce through a conscious and carbon free delivery process. We hope to create responsible distribution for all

We are a team of people who work for the people

What moves us

Conscious, C02 Delivery

Our specialization in human powered last mile delivery allows us to prevent C02 omissions with every delivery. We save save 0.29kg of CO2 per km traveled; freeing the city of pollution, traffic and noise

Sustainable Employment

We seek equitable employment with equal opportunities for everyone. Koiki’s delivery team is apart of marginalized communities whom have difficulty finding employment.

To Pacify Cities

We want our cities and towns to be more pleasant places to live. We hope to make our cities traffic free and walkable.

To End Social Exclusion and Reduce the Impact of E-commerce Deliveries Across all Cities in Spain and Portugal

Si eres un particular, envía tu paquete con nosotros en tu centro Koiki más cercano