Politica de privacidad

Privacy policy and data processing

    • The persons responsible for Data Protection are listed below:

      – «Responsible for the Treatment». KOKI HOME, SL, to exercise your ARCOPOL rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation, opposition, portability, forgetfulness and limitation) can be done through our email info@wordpress.pruebasdavidsmbn.com, the use of this email for other purposes other than those derived from the application of the RGPD, it is strictly prohibited and KOKI HOME, SL, will act according to the law against those who use them in a way other than those expressed in these conditions.
      – «The Purpose of the Treatment» and «origin of the data» will be to proceed correctly to the provision of services and / or preparation and delivery of the products managed by KOKI HOME, SL, the personal data requested or are applied on the website of KOKI HOME, SL Whether or not you are a client of KOKI HOME, S.L., they may come from:

      of the interested party or representative and these will be:
      Name and surname of the owner or representative
      Full address
      Bank details (for the correct management of the collection procedures agreed with the client)
      From publicly accessible sources and will be:
      Name of the company or professional
      Full address
      The sources of public access will be «professional directories», «telephone directories», «Official gazettes».
      – «The legitimacy» of the treatment is given by the existence of all or any of these possibilities:
      «Execution of a contract» (for when you are or are in the process of becoming a customer)
      «Compliance with a legal obligation»
      «Mission in the Public Interest» or «Exercise of Public Powers»
      «Legitimate interest of the Responsible»
      «Consent of the interested party»
      – «Recipients of assignments». The following assignments will be made:

Financial entity with which KOKI HOME, S.L. currently operates, also in case of non-payment of any invoice, KOKI HOME, S.L., may transfer your data to companies in charge of recovery and / or equity solvency, complying with the following guidelines:

That there is a due, liquid and due debt
That more than 4 months have passed since the debt
That we have sent you by the means of communication that KOKI HOME, S.L. has decided. communication of the existence of debt
That such communication can be proven as «received», «downloaded» or «read»
Tax Administration, in the form and manner registered in the different laws.
General Treasury of the Social Security, in the form and manner registered in the different laws.
Administration of Justice, in the form and manner registered in the different laws.
General administration of the State, Autonomy, local or municipal, in the form and manner registered in the different laws.
Those authorized by the different contracts of treatment managers.
Assignments not included in this point are either not made or are not authorized.
– «User rights». All users have these rights:

    • . «Access» Right to request access to personal data relating to the interested party
      «Rectification» Right to request rectification or deletion
      «Cancellation» Right to request the limitation of your treatment
      «Opposition» Right to object to treatment
      «Portability», Right to carry your data in the format in which we have it
      «Limitation», Right to limit the use of your data both in the form and in time

      As stated in recital 141 of the RGPD, “all interested parties must have the right to file a claim with a single supervisory authority (Spanish Agency for Data Protection), in particular in the Member State of their habitual residence, and the right to effective judicial protection ”and as stated in article 14 point 1 section e, of the aforementioned Regulation:“ all interested parties have the right to file a claim with a supervisory authority ”.


      – «Origin of the data». See point 2.
      – «Advertising»
      KOKI HOME, S.L. It has a database for advertising shipments, the content of which comes from: see point 2.
      The first advertising email is implicitly a request for authorization to continue sending advertising emails.
      To request removal from our advertising database, it is only necessary to send an email to any of the accounts that appear on our website.
      We can only send 4 advertising emails per year per category of recipients.
      – Time of use of the data
      In the case of being clients, the time of use of the data is marked by the different legal systems.
      In the case of advertising recipients, the data retention time is 1 year
      -Consent to the use of data in advertising campaigns.
      The first email is considered a request for continuity in the advertising delivery as stated in point 7.
      In those cases in which the contact collection source explicitly indicates that the owner of the data must authorize the sending, the procedure to proceed will be as follows:
      The first shipment will be considered a request for permission to send advertising.
      If the owner of the data does not show willingness to continue receiving advertising information according to point 7, we will automatically understand that he does NOT want to receive more new information.


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