Taking Care of Your Neighborhood, One Sustainable Delivery at a Time


Parcels are delivered via walking, biking, or electric vehicle in order to avoid pollution and to pacify our cities. Learn more about how much C02 is saved with each delivery.

Sustainable Employment

Delivery is completed by people within your neighborhood. Receiving your order from us means creating sustainable employment for your community.

Flexible and Conscious

Track your order live and choose the time your package is delivered; your order will stay in your neighborhood.

For E-commerce: Want to Care for the Planet Through your Shipments?

We carry out last-mile delivery via human power, which lets us save 0.29 kg of C02 per km. Work with us to help save the environment

For Social Organizations: Want to Give Back Through Becoming a Koiki Center?

Join the network of the 80+ active micro centers and 100s more being launched through becoming a social hub for Koiki.

For Transport Companies: Want to do the last mile with us?

We are aware that the last mile is typically the most complicated part of the transport journey; which is exactly why we want to become your partner and help out. Leave your shipments in the city and allow us to efficiently deliver parcels the sustainable way.

Si eres un particular, envía tu paquete con nosotros en tu centro Koiki más cercano