Ensuring the Well-being of Your Neighborhood through Sustainable Deliveries


Parcels are delivered through eco-friendly methods such as walking, biking, or electric vehicles to minimize pollution and contribute to a more serene urban environment.

Sustainable Employment

The packages are delivered by people living in your proximity, right in the neighborhood.your purchases contribute to sustainable employment opportunities in your city.

Conscious and Flexible Delivery

The shipment stays within the neighborhood, and the recipient can track their delivery in real-time and choose the delivery time.

Do you own an e-commerce and want to handle your shipments while caring for our planet?

We conduct last-mile deliveries on foot, by bike, or in electric vehicles, saving 0.29 kg of CO2 per kilometer traveled. This helps free the city from pollution, congestion, and noise.

Are you a social organization seeking to become a Koiki center?

We are expanding to more provinces in Spain, with active microcenters at the neighborhood level. Many new centers are set to launch soon. Join our network by becoming one of them!

Are you a transportation company interested in handling the last mile with us?

We understand that the last mile is the most challenging part of the transportation journey: absent customers, traffic, time restrictions for vehicles in cities, etc. That’s why, at Koiki, we aim to be your partner, making your last mile sustainable. Leave your shipments in the city and rest assured; we’ll deliver them to the recipient at their preferred time.

Si eres un particular, envía tu paquete con nosotros en tu centro Koiki más cercano